Excellent Advice for Living (With Kevin Kelly)

By Morgane Michael

This is KindSight 101, the podcast where you’ll hear from world renowned educational leaders about the mobilizing power of kindness. Together, by challenging our assumptions and venturing beyond the status quo in education, we can make a BIG impact...one small act at a time.

“Excellent Advice for Living” is a book by Kevin Kelly that provides practical and philosophical guidance for living a fulfilling life. The book is a collection of essays, each exploring a different aspect of what it means to live a good life.Some of the key pieces of advice in the book include:Embrace uncertainty: Kelly encourages readers to embrace uncertainty and to recognize that life is inherently unpredictable. By doing so, we can learn to be more adaptable and resilient in the face of challenges.Pursue your passions: Kelly emphasizes the importance of pursuing your passions and finding work that aligns with your values and interests. He argues that true fulfillment comes from doing work that you love and that has meaning for you.Cultivate relationships: Kelly stresses the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships with others, both personally and professionally. He argues that strong relationships are essential for a fulfilling life and that we should prioritize building and maintaining these connections.Embrace technology: Kelly is a firm believer in the power of technology to improve our lives and create a better world. He encourages readers to embrace technology and to use it to enhance our abilities, rather than fear or reject it.Be a lifelong learner: Kelly emphasizes the importance of being a lifelong learner and continuously seeking out new knowledge and experiences. He argues that learning is essential for personal growth and fulfillment, and that we should always be striving to improve ourselves.Overall, “Excellent Advice for Living” is a thought-provoking and inspiring book that offers practical guidance for living a fulfilling life. Whether you’re just starting out on your journey or looking to make a change, Kelly’s advice is sure to inspire and guide you along the way.