Examining White Privilege ft. Elizabeth Denevi and Jenna Chandler-Ward

By Jen Cort

Jen Cort is an education consultant in the areas of equity, inclusion, diversity and justice. In this podcast, Jen opens up a "third space"— a place outside our familiar home and work environments — in order that we might begin to engage in some of the provocative questions that need to be addressed. Listen in as Jen speaks with some of the leading thinkers and doers in the field.

Founders of Teaching While White Elizabeth Denevi and Jenna Chandler-Ward join third space to discuss white privilege, white allyship, white saviorism and more.

Elizabeth Denevi is the director of East Ed and co-founder of Teaching While White, Elizabeth works with schools nationally to increase equity, promote diversity pedagogy, and implement strategic processes for growth and development. She also serves as an adjunct professor at Lewis & Clark College in the Graduate School of Education and Counseling.

Previously, she served as a director of studies and professional development and was responsible for the stewardship and integration of curriculum from pre-kindergarten through grade 12, as well as for the oversight and coordination of professional development and evaluation for all faculty.

At Georgetown Day School (DC) she served as the co-director of diversity and a senior administrator for 10 years. Elizabeth also worked at St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School (VA) to create a comprehensive professional development program. She has taught English and history at a number of K-12 schools.

Elizabeth has published and presented extensively on diversity and academic excellence, social justice, and equity issues. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of London, Institute of Education, a master’s degree from Columbia University, and a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University. She also holds an Oregon Preliminary Administrative License.

Jenna Chandler-Ward is the Co-Founder of Teaching While White and has been an educator in non-profits, schools, and colleges for over 20 years, working with students from kindergarten to college level. Most recently, Jenna had been a middle school English and drama teacher outside of Boston for over ten years. Jenna is also a founder and co-director of the Multicultural Teaching Institute, which produces workshops and a conference for educators on issues of equity and inclusion. Jenna currently lives in Cambridge, MA, and is a diversity consultant, specializing in professional development for educators on issues of whiteness and its impacts on teaching, curriculum and leadership. She holds an M.Ed. from Pepperdine University and a bachelor’s degree from Marlboro College.

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