Equity Talk Tuesday S4 E7

By Traci Browder

Two-time teacher of the year and blogger, Traci Browder, takes us behind the curtains of her classroom giving us the secrets to disrupting the educational normalcy in this provocatively riveting podcast for educators. From new teachers to veterans to administrators, everyone walks away empowered, inspired, and ready to shatter ceilings to take students to new educational heights.

The 1st episode in this new series, Equity Talk Tuesday, is emotional, powerful, and extremely painful.

Traci challenges us by asking us to think about the fire we had after George Floyd’s death. She helps us to understand that the one, tiny thing that most educators flooded social media with as a resolution is not the answer to addressing equity in schools.

We go on an intimate journey into Traci’s hometown where she shows us real examples of the disparity that exists not only in education, but in our communities, in the lives of families in impoverished communities.

We can do better.

The end of the this episode is difficult on so many levels. This is an episode to be shared widely. Traci’s hope is to help us begin to or continue to understand the depth of the pain and the need for the consistent fight for equity, social justice, and antiracism advocacy.

Make sure you are in a quiet place with no distractions to fully engage with this painful episode.