Episode Two: The Residential Schooling System – Not Shielding our Children Away from Difficult Topics with Nikkole Heavy Shields

Tawnshi folks! 
Article: The Globe and Mail. (October 21, 2020). Sen Murray Sinclair: Alberta’s leaked curriculum plan around Residential Schools would be a ‘terrible mistake’. 
Nikkole and I discuss the narratives that must be shared from the experiences of survivors and families affected by the Residential Schooling System in relation to curriculum. We also discuss connecting to traditions in school, honouring our Elders, lessons that can be used in relation to this work, resources, connections to community, relational building, and most importantly, our support for all educators being able to do this work. You’re not along and we are here to uplift you!

Maarsii @nikkolerosie for your support, your spirit, your voice, and your relations. You mean so much to me and I’m so honoured you’re my friend. Children are our gifts, and as a mother, you hold such an important role.
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