Episode Two: LGBTQ2S* Educational Environment Building and Inclusion with Mag Benard

Tawnshi folks! 
Article: Tera Goldstein, Austen Koecher, Pamela Baer, and Banjamin Lee Hicks (2018) Transitioning in Elementary: Parent Advocacy and Teacher Allyship.  

Mag and Madelaine discuss the article presented in great detail, privilege, and what it means to be an Ally for LGBTQIA2S*, Black, and Indigenous peoples. Mag brings up an especially good point for understanding your privilege, “Just because it is not happening to you, does not mean that it is not happening to someone else.” 
Maarsii and Miigwetch @kryberry / @maggie.benard for your time, dedication, and perspectives within our conversation! 
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