Episode Twelve: Relationality of Curriculum and Reconciliation under the Supervision of Keri Cheechoo and Nicholas-Ng-A-Fook with your Host

Tawnshi folks! 
Ng-A-Fook, N. (2005). A curriculum of mother-son plots on education’s center stage. Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, 21(4), 43-58.
Cheechoo, K. (2020). Reframing reconciliation: Turning our back or turning back? In Cote-Meek, S., & Moeke-Pickering, T. (Eds.), Decolonizing and Indigenizing education in Canada (1st ed., pp. 247-265). ProQuest eBook Central.
Brant, K., Cheechoo, K., McGuire-Adams, T., Vaudren-Charette, J., & Ng-A-Fook, N. (2017). Indigenizing ivory towers: Poetic inquiry, métissage, and reconcilia(c)tion. In E. Lyle (Ed.), At the intersection of selves and subject (1st ed., pp. 87–104). Sense Publishers.
In this episode I unpack the works of my supervisors, being Dr. Nicholas Ng-A-Fook and Dr. Keri-Lynn Cheechoo and make connections to the methodologies of poetic inquiry, Métissage, and Currere, my own ongoing work and experiences with reconciliation-education, and my epistemology as a Michif researcher. I understand the importance of truth-telling, story-telling, and the artistic uses of narrative inquiry and poetry and how they can be presented in qualitative studies and how researcher ought to discern their own positionalities in relation to their own research/epistemologies.  
I offer my gratitude and appreciation to both Keri and Nick and their authentic selves in connection to their works, but also how others might look towards their works, and who they are as individuals, in relational ways. 
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