Episode One: Settler Educators and How to Appropriately Support Resilience in Youth with Ashlynne Scovoranski

Tawnshi folks!

Article: Laurence J. Kirmayer, Stéphane Dandeneau, Elizabeth Marshall, Morgan Kahentonni Philips, & Karla Jessen Williamson. (2011). Rethinking Resilience from Indigenous Perspectives.

Ashlynne and Madelaine unpack resilience and how educators can appropriately use it within their practice. It is important for folks to understand that this practice is daily and must be ongoing. We also discuss reconciliation and how to gain comfortability to teach with Indigigogy in the classroom and various settings.  

Maarsii @Ashlynne.breanne for joining me as my first guest for Season 2 of Research Time. You are passionate and your students are lucky to have you!
*IGTV/Instagram Live hosts these conversations. Thank you for your understanding.*
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