Episode 95 – Rebecca Clark – Entrepreneurship, Community Connections & a Passion for Positivity!

By Sarah Lalonde

Join me as I go straight to the sources of my curiosity. Each episode I get to discover or rediscover everyday educators as we discuss their passions and their projects. Listen in on our conversation and let our words spark imagination and inspiration.

Spends her days with students preparing to transition out of high school and who are currently in the GLE program. What I quickly learnt is that Rebecca is not your average every day teacher. She looks to do things DIFFERENTLY and gives a ton of examples HOW. Each day of the week is even associated to a specific theme: Monday wellness, Tuesday business, Wednesday community connections, Thursday future planning, Friday fun (typically cooking) or food related! Doesn’t it sound fun to be a student in her class?

Her entrepreneurial spirit has even gotten her students creating wellness bracelets to self fund their various projects! You can support them and check them out here: https://sites.google.com/ocdsb.ca/revolution-wllnss/home


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