Episode 89 with guest Eva Al Qallaf

Eva Al Qallaf is an enthusiastic and dedicated educator of young children. She came to Kuwait in 1988 and, after beginning her family, found a passion for working in the education sector. Eva’s 20-year employment history includes teaching at some of the leading private schools as well as positions in Pre-K, KG1, and KG2 at a local American school in which she spent 15 years. After achieving her NVQ certificate in the U.K., Eva was able to assume the roles of both teacher and team leader for various grade levels. In addition, she has also participated in accreditation, professional development, mentoring, curriculum modification, and various other administrative procedures.
Eva’s enthusiasm for education led her to Kuwait University, where she accepted a position teaching English in the Community Service program, which she did for six years. In 2013 Eva decided on a career shift and joined Specialized Solutions, a private company providing professional development for teachers and support for parents of young children. In 2017 she completed the STEP Leader Training Program in San Diego, California.
Eva’s insight into the emotional and developmental needs of children, as well as parents, has been fostered by more than 20 years of teaching experience in Kuwait. By facilitating parenting courses she has come to understand the needs of parents in raising children and how to support those needs. She says: “Life is a never-ending education; every day provides an opportunity to learn something new.”
About Parentool:
After many years of working with parents and students at schools, we realized that the emphasis is almost solely on students, while parents are the most neglected part of the equation. But effective parenting needs to be learned too. Established in 2018, Parentool evolved from Parenting Step by Step in response to strong demand for practical support for parents. We understand that the experience of caring for young children, especially for first-time parents, can sometimes be overwhelming.
With Parentool you’re not alone with your problems and concerns. We concentrate solely on supporting parents. We don’t judge or criticize. We communicate and collaborate. Under the guidance of our educational consultant, the STEP program provides you with hands-on, practical problem-solving skills that make parenting more successful and less stressful.
You’ll get an added boost by interacting and sharing your experiences with like-minded parents in a relaxed setting during our learning sessions
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