Episode #80 Julia Fliss

By Rola Tibshirani

This podcast invites educators to connect with many groups, organizations or individual educators to bring the learning from inside the classroom to connect with real-world projects. It also shares the pedagogical process and the purpose of connection based learning.

Julia creates a brave space with a common vision honoring all opinions and voices. An ecosystem of building each other up never tearing each other down, failing forward to take risks, and be their best.
Listen to the voices of the students as students already come with voices.
Her students focus on how they are the world learning by challenges and sharing perspectives of causes of these challenges from the SDGs. the students focus on the wellness wheel from the learning zone to the growth zone. Self-awareness and critical thinking, connected classrooms bring the world to make sense to help students understand what to do as global citizens. There is so much to do in the world to help the voices be loud.
The students are our great teachers by hearing their voices for the better, listen to the students’ open conversations for growth and opportunities.
SDGS are a launchpad to create doorways to be part of the global ecosystem to be a problem solver and problem finders, personalized action for all students to make a difference to co-create action with each other. A new vision of every single voice to make a difference on the planet.