EPISODE 7 – Near Space

We are Cory Austen and Jose Alvarez. Jose is a Librarian and Cory is a Innovation Coach at the American School Foundation of Monterrey, Mexico. Since 2017 Jose and Cory decided to explore the podcast medium to share stories of the interesting and amazing things that go on 'Beyond our Bell' at school. They are currently producing their first season, where topics ranging from space exploration, STEM, environmental culture and LGBT issues. Although the first season focuses on their local community they look forward to collaborating and hearing stories from around the globe.

Do you have what it takes to send a capsule at an  altitude of 40 kilometers (120,000 feet) above Earth’s sea level? Can you retrieve and process the data from the environmental experiments you sent up there? We know a group of students who can, and this is their story. 
Here is some trivia about this episode in case you are not familiar with Monterrey, Mexico or our school: 
Min 8.28  / An Oxxo is a Mexican chain of convenience stores, with over 14,000 stores across Latin America
 Min 11.28 / “Kiko”  (Air Recovery Team) is not one of our students, he is an engineer and one of the mentors of the project. And, yes; he does have an helicopter (A helicopter company actually). 
Min 25.4 / The  Presa Rompepicos or Rompepicos Dam is a 71 meters structure in the middle of the Huasteca National Park a few kilometers away from our school. This structure was built to filter on high rainy seasons the water from the rio Santa Catarina into the city with a capacity of over 1400 cubic meters per second.  
Min 27.2 / The Huastequita campus is the Building that holds our Elementary grades Nursery to 5th, is built on a 50 acre parcel of land located to the west of Garza Garcia, Monterrey, Mexico