Episode 7 | Featuring Chloe Kerr

Chloe Kerr is an Education Support Officer for Early Learning and Childcare, serving the Shetland Islands Council in the United Kingdom. Chloe is a wife and mum to three children (ages 8, 6 and 4). 
Chloe was born in England and graduated from Aberdeen University in 2010. Chloe moved to Shetland as a teenager and returned after 10 years in Aberdeen. She has worked as a Nursery Teacher and Primary School Teacher. 
Chloe is passionate about really ‘getting it right for every child’ and valuing all aspects of a child’s learning and development. She believes the best place to be is outside, and is keen to see this as a staple in education for children of any age. Chloe loves learning, reading and meeting people. She sees health and wellbeing as crucial to successful learning and teaching.
Connect with Chloe!
Twitter: @KerrChloe3
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