Episode 69 with guest Naomi Toland

Naomi Toland is originally from Ireland but has traveled and taught away from her home in Derry for the past 10 Years. Naomi completed her degree at Northumbria University before moving to Hackney, London for her first teaching job. After 3 years Naomi traveled South America for 3 months before settling in Auckland, New Zealand for the next 2 and a half years. It was here that Naomi shared her project, Empathetic Educators out into the world. This project looks at topics such as Neuroscience, empathy, design, relationships, psychology, and much more to better understand ourselves so that we can understand others. This project has taken her to Singapore where she took part in the Google Innovator Project with educators all over the world.  Naomi is currently teaching in Tokyo, Japan set to return to New Zealand next month.   Naomi’s passions are trying to advocate for empathy, inclusion, and understanding within education to help generate partnerships between teachers, learners and leaders in local settings and beyond.
Twitter: @naomi_toland
IG: Naomi.m.t
LinkedIn: https://jp.linkedin.com/in/naomi-toland-826891186
Website: https://www.naomitoland.com
Nathan Wallis: Neuroscience educator