Episode 65 with guest Tia Luker-Putra

Tia Luker-Putra has been living and working in China for the past seven years.  She us a STEAM, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and diversity nut. She is married to her beautiful wife and has a 6 lb. puppy and an 18-pound cat. She loves to hike and be outside.  Life, for her, is about having an adventure and getting the most out of it possible.  She loves to learn and has lived and traveled all over Canada, the United States, South Korea, China, Southeast Asia.  She has aspirations to travel more and she sews doggie bandannas for charity.
Twitter: @ThisIsAwesomeED
Website: https://www.thisisawesomeed.com
Solarbuddy charity: https://solarbuddy.org

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