Episode 63- Kindness is The Yummy Vegan

Episode 63- Kindness is The Yummy Vegan

By Anitha Rao Robinson

Children's author and conservationist Anitha Rao-Robinson invites listeners to join her as she creates a community of kindness. She speaks with children and young adults as they share their incredible stories of kindness towards animals. the environment, and people.

A bit late for Veganuary, but never a bad time to talk about health, animal welfare and all things vegan. Devorah Bowen joins Anitha to talk about journey from becoming a vegan to her incredible social media account, The Yummy Vegan.

They also delve into topics such as, where do vegans get their protein, why are there vegan-haters, the diabolical yet ingenious marketing of the dairy industry and of course delicious, healthy, full of protein and easy to make plant-based meals.

To check out some delicious and easy to make plant-based recipes, check out: Devorah’s Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/theyummyvegan/ Devorah’s website: https://theyummyvegan.com/about

And for those of you who love comforting soups and stews, you’ll definitely want to check out her column—Best of Vegan The Art of Soups & Stews

As a thank you to Devorah for coming on to the podcast, Anitha donated to Operation Liberation. This charity is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and finding permanent homes for non-human animals and providing humanitarian relief and assistance to people in low income, at risk- or disaster-stricken regions.

o learn more about Operation Liberation, please check out their website: Operation Liberation

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