Episode 62 with guest Saadia Qureshi

After graduating as an Environmental Engineer, Saadia worked for the government to ensure compliance by landfills and power generation facilities. She took a pause to raise her family and volunteer for several non-profits, ultimately discovering herself by being an active, responsible citizen in her hometown of Oviedo, Florida. Saadia believes meaningful friendships can be found in unexpected places. Her work to show neighbors how similar we are regardless of ethnic or religious differences led her to Preemptive Love. As a Gathering Coordinator, Saadia hopes to spread this message to communities nationwide. If she’s not participating at an event around town, you may find Saadia picking up after her two girls, reminding her husband where he left his wallet or saving the last three bananas for her famous banana bread.
Twitter: @QureshiSaadia
Facebook: Saadia Qureshi
Email: saadia.qureshi@preemptivelove.org
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