Episode 61- Kindness is Eco Evie

Episode 61- Kindness is Eco Evie

By Anitha Rao Robinson

Children's author and conservationist Anitha Rao-Robinson invites listeners to join her as she creates a community of kindness. She speaks with children and young adults as they share their incredible stories of kindness towards animals. the environment, and people.

Thirteen-year-old Evie Mutsch, joins Anitha to talk about her very cool clothing line called Eco Evie. Made from recycled water bottles, Eco Evie has stopped over 30,000 water bottles from going into landfills. In addition to creating beautiful clothes, Evie donates a portion of all sales to charities supporting animals, the environment and people.

To learn more about Eco Evie, check out the following links: https://www.instagram.com/ecoevie/ https://ecoevie.com/

As a thank you to Evie for sharing her story, Anitha donated to Save Animals Facing Extinction.This not-for-profit organization works to protect endangered wildlife by ensuring strong laws are in place and severe penalties are levied against criminals who deal in wildlife trafficking.

To learn more about them please check out their website: https://saveanimalsfacingextinction.org/

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