Episode #6 – From Healing to Human Flourishing

Dr. Angel Acosta works to bridge the fields of leadership, social justice & mindfulness. His healing-centred work is illuminating ancient wisdom that just might be the guide to human flourishing. Armed with his insights Dr. Clinton, Ojibway Elder and retired educator Elaine Garner and University student and spoken word artist Madiha Syed model the process of healing-centred work. Their honest and profound connection takes our listeners full circle through human connection, to sharing pain and insights, and the path to healing and ultimately flourishing. Our alliance was born out of the idea of cooperation. We host events like the Generator to spark conversations about the fundamental importance of intergenerational learning, language, and sharing stories in service of healthy growth and development. This conversation will touch your mind and your heart. Response to conversation between Dr. Jean Clinton and Dr. Angel Acosta Episode Thought leaders:

  • Elder Elaine Garner, Retired
  • Madiha Syed, University student

Episode Host Adan Imran, Youth Connector on the CYPT backbone team

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