Episode 52 with guest Sherry McKay

Sherry MacKay (MEd in TESOL) has extensive teacher training experience and 25 years of experience teaching adults. She is the co-founder of Glocally Connected non-profit that promotes community building in order to support refugees. More recently, Sherry founded TLC (Transformational Learning Communities) a unique organization focusing on providing applicable methods and techniques for teachers of students that have experienced trauma and revolves around three axes: (a) mindfulness; (b) connection and community building; and (c) teacher self-care. Sherry has a passion for making connections, supporting people in need, and the transformational potential of mindfulness.
FB group: ESLwithTLC
Website: https://eslwithtlc.com
Email: eslwithtlc@gmail.com
Conner Resiliiiency Scale
The Stranger is My Friend – a collection of poems