Episode 51- Kindness Is Karen’s Kind

Episode 51- Kindness Is Karen’s Kind

By Anitha Rao Robinson

Children's author and conservationist Anitha Rao-Robinson invites listeners to join her as she creates a community of kindness. She speaks with children and young adults as they share their incredible stories of kindness towards animals. the environment, and people.

Like many people, the pandemic inspired Monique Monelle and her husband to take up a new hobby during lockdown. But their new ‘hobby’ was wonderfully unusual. They were inspired to rescue ex-battery hens.

Monique talks about what it was like when the hens first arrived, how she and her husband take care of them when they’re not feeling well, and how she fell in love with their unique personalities. Animal lovers and anyone interested in starting their own rescue will love this heartwarming episode.

To follow Monique and her growing number of rescue animals, check out their website and Instagram account: https://www.karenskind.org/ www.instagram.com/karens_kind/

As a thank you to Monique for sharing her story, Anitha donated to Fresh Start For Hens. This organization is run completely by volunteers who rehome ex-commercial hens into pet homes, like Monique’s, throughout England and Wales.

To learn more about this non-profit, check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/freshstartforhen

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