Episode 49 with guest Mandy Froehlich pt. 2

A former educator and Director of Innovation and Technology turned technology and mental health consultant, Mandy Froehlich’s passion lies in reinvigorating educators back into their profession and support in their pursuit of divergent teaching. She consults with organizations in topics such as innovative pedagogical practices, technology department leadership coaching, 1:1 rollouts and LMS deployment, and the impact of mental health on innovation. Froehlich’s also an adjunct for an organizational technology class for graduate students. Mandy is the author of several books for educators about mental health and how it impacts our teaching practice.
Twitter: @froehlichm
Website: https://www.divergentedu.com
The Fire Within
Reignite the Flames
The Educator’s Matchbook
More about Blended Learning from Heather Staker: https://amzn.to/3aYfoZE