Episode 43 with guest Ramona Meharg

Ramona has been teaching in southern Ontario for 26 years, starting her career teaching High School History and English.  Early on she found that her passion was in Special Education and has spent the majority of her career in different roles within in that field of study.  She is currently a special education teacher with the Thames Valley District School Board, working with students with a variety of Developmental and learning challenges like ASD and Down Syndrome. Her educational passions include; building relationships with her students, using technology to foster independence in the classroom, inclusion, and Special Olympics.  Her podcast: I Wish I Knew EDU, interviews educators at all points of their careers and focuses on the many opportunities and journeys available within the teaching life.  Her personal passions include gardening, reading, music, golfing, and learning new things.
Twitter: @RamonaMeharg
Podcast: I Wish I Knew EDU https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/i-wish-i-knew-edu-with-ramona-meharg-ramona-_ZOu0vhjS1p
Resources from episode: 
                Tribes: https://tribes.com
                Definition of neurotypical: not displaying or characterized by autistic or other neurologically atypical patterns of thought or behavior

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