Episode 4 – Sharing Seeds and Growing Community: Connection, Kin, and Culture

Episode 4 – Sharing Seeds and Growing Community: Connection, Kin, and Culture

The Mississauga Youth Seed Library (MYSL) was founded with the aim of providing the public with free access to open-pollinated and non-GMO seeds. The project emerged from the Young Urban Growers program run by local environmental organization Ecosource, and seeks to support local food systems, build seed saving literacy, and help people reconnect with the Earth. Founded during the pandemic, MYSL is just getting started. We are lucky to be speaking with two members as they are building out the vision of who they want to be and the impact they want to have in their community.

Guest Bios:
Marynil (she/her) is a co-founder of the Mississauga Youth Seed Library. She enjoys gardening, biking, cooking, and of course, eating. Ever since she was younger, she’s been involved with growing food in her backyard. She just recently graduated from high school, and is planning to attend Durham College for their food and farming program after her gap year.

Saniya (she/her) is heading into grade 12 next year. She joined the Mississauga Youth Seed Library because of her interest in food insecurity and gardening, and in particular, she thought that this project would be a good opportunity to address the cultural gaps that exist in many other environmental projects.

Mentioned in episode:
TEDxTC: Seeds of Our Ancestors, Seeds of Life by Winona LaDuke (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHNlel72eQc)

Connect with the Mississauga Youth Seed Library:
Email: myseedlibrary@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/myseedlibrary/

Hosted and edited by Emiko Newman and Megan Pham-Quan.
With gratitude to Hilary Inwood of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and Stephen Hurley of VoiceEd Radio for their indispensable support and encouragement.

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Emiko Newman

Podcast Host

Emiko Newman (she/her) recently graduated from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (University of Toronto) with a Masters of Education in Social Justice Education with a focus in environmental studies. She is passionate about intersectional environmentalism, and fostering a praxis of hope within environmental education spaces.

Megan Pham-Quan

Podcast Host

Megan Pham-Quan (she/her) is currently a teacher candidate in the Masters of Arts in Child Study and Education program at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (University of Toronto). She came to this program from her undergraduate studies in women and gender studies and philosophy, and is interested in creating justice-oriented, liberatory spaces in primary/junior classrooms.