Episode 4 – Professional Development with Rich Czyz

By Raymond Steinmetz

Instant Relevance Podcast is an education podcast featuring the latest news and resources to make learning relevant for all students. Hosted by Denis Sheeran (denissheeran.com) and Raymond Steinmetz

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On the fourth episode of the Instant Relevance Podcast, Denis (@MathDenisNJ) and Raymond (@blended_math) discuss motivating teachers to take on new initiatives through the Jobs to Be Done Theory from the Christensen Institute. Later in the show, the hosts discuss creating a #MakeItReal moment by asking students to “Show Me Three.” The hosts then interview Rich Czyz (@RACzyz) Principal and Author of The Four O’Clock Faculty about creating fun an engaging professional development opportunities for his staff.

Rich Czyz – Four O’Clock Faculty
— fouroclockfaculty.com/

Christensen Institute – Jobs to Be Done Theory
— www.christenseninstitute.org/publications/teachers-jobs-to-be-done/

Chopped PD
— fouroclockfaculty.com/2018/08/chopped-pd/

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