Episode 3 with guest Noa Daniel

Noa Daniel MEd, is a teacher, consultant, coach and Chief Building Officer at BOB. Noa is also a podcaster and a blogger. She hosts The Personal Playlist Podcast (#P3) and the weekly live OnEdMentors show on VoicEd Radio She blogs about her work in and outside of school and writes a weekly post on each of her guest’s  on the P3. Noa is also the cofounder of OnEdMentors Connect (OEMConnect), which now falls under The Mentoree, with Leigh Cassell of Digital Human Library (dHL). The Mentoree  is a collaborative community that promotes professional learning and efficacy through mentorship. Explore 1:1 self-directed mentorship opportunities and engage in personalized learning experiences with educators in a supportive and caring environment through face to face and virtual connections. Follow Noa on Twitter @noasbobs to find out more about Building Outside the Blocks Find out more: https://buildingoutsidetheblocks.com/
An example of a completed BOB (Photo Synthesis): https://noadaniel7.wixsite.com/bobblog/single-post/2020/06/09/Snapshot–a-Photo-Synthesis

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