Episode 3 – The Huasteca Project

By Cory Austen

We are Cory Austen and Jose Alvarez. Jose is a Librarian and Cory is a Innovation Coach at the American School Foundation of Monterrey, Mexico. Since 2017 Jose and Cory decided to explore the podcast medium to share stories of the interesting and amazing things that go on 'Beyond our Bell' at school. They are currently producing their first season, where topics ranging from space exploration, STEM, environmental culture and LGBT issues. Although the first season focuses on their local community they look forward to collaborating and hearing stories from around the globe.

The Huasteca Canyon, or “El cañón de la Huasteca”, is an ecological park located in the municipality of Santa Catarina, in the state of Nuevo León, near the city of Monterrey.
Today the park is being pulled in all directions by State, Federal, Municipal and private companies on a number of different development projects and recreational interests. Future exploitation of the park for residential areas is casting its menacing shadow over this mountains but more importantly the impact of it’s visitors is taking an alarming toll.
Joins us on this episode to explore the Huasteca and what is next for this majestic and endangered natural beauty.