Episode 13 – Black Lives Matter

By Hannah Harrison

This week, we are taking a little break from our normally scheduled fish stories to focus on the more pressing matter of social justice. Specifically, we use this episode to highlight podcasts made by Black, Indigenous, and POC creators. We hope you will take some time this week to listen to their messages and stories. Black Lives Matter.

Featured Podcasts:
Coffee and Quaq (www.coffeeandquaq.com)
Oyster Ninja Podcast (https://oysterninja.libsyn.com/)
How to Save a Planet (https://gimletmedia.com/shows/howtosaveaplanet)
Thunder Bay (https://www.canadalandshow.com/shows/thunder-bay/)
Food Is Not Bae (https://www.drebony.com/foodisnotbaepodcast/)
Métis in Space (http://www.metisinspace.com/)

Music for this episode was “Raising Hell” by David Suzuki (https://davidsuzuki.bandcamp.com/).