Episode #111: From Tragedy to Triumph with KTTeeV (Kendrick Thomas)

By Barbara Bray

Join Barbara Bray in conversations with awesome educators, leaders, and influencers as they talk about their passion and purpose for planting seeds for change. Each podcast has a link to a related blog post with more information and resources.

Kendrick Thomas (KTTeeV) is an Asst. Principal in Houston, certified life coach, speaker, mentor,  podcast host of Daily K, and the host of the KTTeeV Radio show. KTTeeV is all about bridging the gap between the school and community through information. Kendrick takes his passion for showing young people that through intrinsic motivation there is a way out of every situation to another level, a level that is life-changing.   
Let’s go right into your WHY …
I was the oldest of 3 born in Shreveport, Louisiana to a single mother at the age of 15. I faced violence, murder, drugs, and gangs daily. With all this going on around me, I knew that I would need to find the intrinsic motivation to one day leave Shreveport and do great things for the world I lived in.
Located in the community of Alief in Houston Texas, KTTeeV is dedicated to building the community through information, resources, and opportunities. Through videos, blogs, and forum discussions, we welcome you to engage, learn, and share these resources to build and grow the community in which you live.
Kendrick is not only a school administrator in Houston, Texas, but a certified life coach, speaker, and mentor. He leads the G.R.E.A.T. Boys Club in Alief ISD and works countless hours speaking with At-Risk youth, leaders on his campus, in his district, and throughout the city of Houston. 

Kendrick’s passion is showing young people that through intrinsic motivation there is a way out of every situation you’re placed in.
Through his podcast, Daily K, and the KTTeeV Radio show which reaches thousands weekly,  Kendrick speaks to school leaders, community members, and entrepreneurs across the world about how vital giving back to the community is. The skills, the passion, the first-hand applicable experience, and the interconnections Kendrick brings is what makes him one of the most sought after speakers in education and advocacy in the city of Houston.
Kendrick’s Contact Information

Email- Ktteev@gmail.com 
Website: https://www.ktteev.com

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