Episode #107 Glen Coleman

By Rola Tibshirani

This podcast invites educators to connect with many groups, organizations or individual educators to bring the learning from inside the classroom to connect with real-world projects. It also shares the pedagogical process and the purpose of connection based learning.

A new way of thinking about success in the classroom is presented in the book 100 Or Nothing by Dr. Glen Coleman. Using what you know! Failure, Friendship, and Feedback are ways for people in a community to support each other, and having Fun is the fourth F. Storytelling, kindness, and inclusivity are important aspects of classroom success. In his books, Dr. Coleman describes a four-phase workflow. Phase 1: Students study independently. Phase 2: Students take a collaborative test with their peers. Phase 3: The same test is taken again, but this time it is individual. Phase 4: Game Day for creating and conversing.

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