Episode #106 Heather Singmaster

By Rola Tibshirani

This podcast invites educators to connect with many groups, organizations or individual educators to bring the learning from inside the classroom to connect with real-world projects. It also shares the pedagogical process and the purpose of connection based learning.

Heather Singmaster is a Director in the Center for Global Education at the Asia Society, where she oversees the Global Cities Education Network and works integrating global competence into Career Technical Education (CTE) programs as well as state and national policy.
Through the SDGs, local and global communities are helping to solve problems. Bringing a global focus to the classroom and having students work together. Global competencies, that are adapted across the world having the knowledge, skills and disposition to act on global issues. The skills to research the world, formulate global questions, recognize perspectives, communicate ideas, and use technology effectively for students to use their agency to improve conditions locally and globally. International school networks implementing interdisciplinary planning for global learning to increase diversity in careers.