Episode #101 Michael J. Crawford

By Rola Tibshirani

This podcast invites educators to connect with many groups, organizations or individual educators to bring the learning from inside the classroom to connect with real-world projects. It also shares the pedagogical process and the purpose of connection based learning.

Michael Crawford shares that an entrepreneurial mindset for the students is when problems are opportunities. Entrepreneurship seeing how students have agency over their learning. For people seeing needs to take action to deliver needs. Dissolving the classroom walls is impactful by having the students problem-solve with the community. In entrepreneurial thinking, the students develop confidence and self-esteem.  Educators are learners by seeing and learning from each other. Teachers are already vulnerable at taking risks, trying new things, and are very intentional for learning. The adolescents must be given opportunities to learn about themselves for feeling and decision making. Self-awareness and self-reflection wire to fire together with the neurons. The students need to have opportunities to express their feelings about themselves.