Episode #100 Mandy Froehlich

By Rola Tibshirani

This podcast invites educators to connect with many groups, organizations or individual educators to bring the learning from inside the classroom to connect with real-world projects. It also shares the pedagogical process and the purpose of connection based learning.

Mandy shares that burnout can be overwhelming. Moral obligations can be challenged and can cause demoralization. Burnout and demoralization can be similar. Demoralization under control or feeling burnout, make sure the boundaries are appropriate. Understanding what is in your control and outside of your control. Spending time to connect and reconnect with the students.
Engagement is how much you love what you are doing. It is difficult to be innovative when we are burnout. We have to be in a space to be innovative, self-care, and mindfulness keep you at the moment. Having healthy boundaries and resilience through self-control. An internal look of self-control to be more resilient, practicing gratitude and self-care. Four pieces for self-care physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual self-care, helping yourself to feel centered.
The students need to step into their emotions they need to feel to heal. The students can identify the emotions that they are feeling.