Episode 1– Trent Gillespie (Saskatchewan Penitentiary)

Episode 1– Trent Gillespie (Saskatchewan Penitentiary)

Roberta talks to Trent Gillespie, a teacher in the maximum security unit at Saskatchewan Penitentiary. Together, they discuss his background and experience in corrections, seeking engaging resources for all students, incorporating indigenous perspectives, acts of kindness, and the challenges and needs of learners and teachers in a prison or correctional institution. Roberta gives a unique writing assignment for students to submit to a weekly world newspaper News for You to be read aloud on a future podcast.

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Roberta Power

Roberta is a longtime English instructor. Now, she is the Educational Consultant in Canada for the not-for-profit ProLiteracy, New Readers Press whose mission is to raise adult literacy rates globally. Two years ago, Roberta asked if she could represent New Readers Press after using their books in her class and witnessing how well received they were.

Additionally, Roberta has a love of the English language and the human psyche; she spreads her delight in both, making self-help videos and humorous plays on her own and with her students. She has always wanted to work in a correctional environment and she's thrilled to have this opportunity to speak with the teachers and students there, offering a forum for their voices through voicEd Radio.