EP 56 Read Into Leveraging Social Media to Amplify Student Voice

By Alanna King

Alanna hosts author and educator Jennifer Casa-Todd and we talk about her journey from being a fearful and reluctant parent of teens in regards to the use of social media, to blogging and using social media with her students, and now student voices on a global scale. Jennifer gives some solid advice about setting up norms in social media for student participation and handling multiple perspectives for learning.

Shoutouts to Alec Couros, George Couros, Dean Shareski, danah boyd, Henry Jenkins, Leigh Cassell, Stacey Wallwin, Tina Zita, Donna Fry, Mark Carbone, Brock Baker, Allison Fuisz, Nicole Kauffman, Michael Drezek and Dave Burgess.

Jennifer’s paper for Treasure Mountain Canada 2020:

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Want to know more? Here’s Jenn’s book Social LEADia: Moving Students from Digital Citizenship to Digital Leadership