EP 54 Read Into Finding Your Voice

By Alanna King

Beth explores how podcasting has helped educators Pav Wander and Chey Cheney find their voice and work to share it with others. Chey and Pav are the co-hosts of The Staffroom Podcast and The Drive and have found that by sharing their voice and ideas with others using these mediums they are becoming more comfortable with having courageous conversations and pushing their learning forward.

During the episode Beth, Pav and Chey discuss the intertwined literacies of listening, speaking, sketchnoting and reading, curating articles and texts that connect and push pedagogy forward and the experience of curating a playlist in relation to theme each week for their live radio show hosted on VoicEd Radio.

Chey and Pav reflect on their use of podcasting with students in the classroom as an organic experience that grew out of a Genius Hour project and the changes that might take place if podcasting were more intentionally embedded through the inquiry process.

Books mentioned during this episode:
Pav: The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger
Chey: Practical Wisdom: The Right Way To Do The Right Thing by Barry Schwartz