Ep. 5: The Journey Home – Our Planet and Our Selves, co-hosted by Sarra & Nicole

Is the climate crisis the legacy we want to leave for future generations? In our closing episode, co-hosts Nicole and Sarra explore the urgency of climate change and discuss the different impacts on different people/groups, some common myths and misconceptions, as well as who should be held accountable in the fight for climate justice. The Future Is Talking every day, and there is no future without young people. As we wrap up the series we ask you to consider the following questions: How will you change the way you build relationships with and alongside students and young people? What do you commit to doing differently right now, to support youth voice, agency and leadership? As a young person, how will you move into your power to create social change? What are some social issues you want to learn more about and get involved in? What’s your idea of a future worth getting excited about?