EP 32 Read Into Inquiry and Honouring Students as Readers

By Alanna King

Beth talks with Trevor MacKenzie (author of Dive Into Inquiry, Inquiry Mindset) about how we honour our students as readers in schools. Whether that’s acknowledging the pace at which readers read, the note-taking style or the genre, recognizing the importance of leaning into our own beliefs about what reading is and why we read when we are working with students. Trevor shares about his routine of reading many books at the same time, voraciously reading many different forms of text to improve himself as both an educator and a person. The main theme that runs through the discussion looks at how teaching and learning from an inquiry stance has transformed reading habits and the mindshift towards empathy and equity that both Trevor and Beth hope comes from our current emergency distance learning situation.

Shoutouts to The Self-Driven Child, The Merchant of Venice, The Hobbit, Into the Wild, Seven Fallen Feathers, and Two Frogs.