EcoSchools Canada launched its national rollout in the middle of a pandemic, yet there is already enormous interest and uptake on their programming from schools across the country. This organization began as Ontario EcoSchools (a spin off from the TDSB program), and is joining with NGOS in different regions of Canada, like the ACEE to ensure local supports for teachers and their students. Its research into the impacts of the EcoSchools program, as well as its ability to track their impacts across the country, offer a promising way to embed climate action into communities across the country. In today’s episode, we are joined by Lindsey Bunce, the executive director of Ecoschools Canada, and Dr. Marie Tremblay, the senior education advisor at the Alberta Council for Environmental Education (ACEE).

Guest Speaker Bios:

Lindsay Bunce started her career in outdoor and environmental education and has been involved with the EcoSchools program for over a decade – as a participant, staff member, and steering committee advisor. With undergraduate degrees in Environmental Studies and Biology and a Masters of Education in Sustainability Education, she has previously worked with organizations such as Toronto and Region Conservation and Earth Day Canada to embed environmental learning, facilitate community action projects, and build successful cross-sectoral collaborations. Lindsay currently serves on the Board of Directors for Leading Change Canada, contributes to several advisory groups, and mentors new sustainability professionals. She is based in Toronto, Ontario.

Dr. Marie Tremblay joined the Alberta Council for Environmental Education in 2018 as a senior education advisor, bringing to her role a dual passion for education and the environment. With university degrees in engineering, education, environmental design (Master’s) and ecology (PhD), it’s fair to say she also has a passion for learning. Marie’s professional experience includes over a decade of teaching in a variety of settings from grade 1 to university level, including five years in Indigenous communities of Canada’s far north. She has also been an active member of Alberta’s environmental community for over two decades as a graduate student and conservation scientist in the government and non-profit sectors. Marie is particularly passionate about developing critical thinking skills and exploring Indigenous perspectives as they relate to sustainability and environmental education.

This episode was produced and hosted by Yana Lee.