Ep 3: Blackout. Survival. Action. The Rule of Three by Eric Walters

By Tanya Polasek

Looking for your next great YA read? Manitoba educator Tanya Polasek has hand-picked a book straight off the shelf! Students, parents, and teachers can sit back and relax while she reads the first chapter of a Canadian Young Adult book each Friday. Call in with your questions during the LIVE radio show or search episodes for a specific title. Your next read starts with First Chapter Fridays.

Today’s episode welcomed Canadian author Eric Walters to the show to share the first chapter of his apocalyptic tale. Eric shares his insights, answers questions from students, and discusses his exciting new projects.
We meet 16 year old Adam while he is busy finishing his friend Todd’s homework in the computer room. Events take a sharp turn when the school (and the city…maybe the world?) is plunged into darkness. No cell phones, no internet, and the only cars that run are the old junkers without computers. Join Adam and his community, as they struggle to keep their humanity in the midst of chaos.

Find out more about Eric’s work at www.ericwalters.net and on YouTube The Write Stuff