Ep 3. 3 ways to use video conferencing w/ Catlin Tucker

By Tan Huynh

This podcast is for teachers who are passionate about working with language learners just like me.

This is a special episode to support teachers and schools experiencing school closures due to the COVID19 pandemic.In this episode, @Catlin_Tucker shares how to shift away from only disseminating to maximizing synchronous video conferencing.  You’ll learn specifically about providing small-group instruction, small-group discussions, and conferencing with students. Catlin’s article truly changed my practice of virtual schooling. https://catlintucker.com/2020/03/3-ways-to-use-video-conferencing/Get Catlin’s latest book Balance with Blended Learning (affiliate link: https://amzn.to/2JEy1mY)  ———-To record a voice message for the podcast, visit this linkhttps://www.empoweringells.com/podcast/To learn more about one of Tan’s courses, click here: https://www.empoweringells.com/online-pd/You can connect with Tan on Twitter at @TanELLclassroom.

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