EP 17 – Is It Healthy High Achievement or Perfectionism?

EP 17 – Is It Healthy High Achievement or Perfectionism?

School leadership provides a wonderful opportunity to influence change and growth. Schools naturally foster high achievement and celebrate those that walk our halls. Unfortunately, sometimes the strategies also reinforce perfectionist tendencies, foster self-sabotage and invoke the feeling of being an imposter.

As a (former) Principal, Lorraine LaPointe’s passion continues through studying the heart-mind-body connections and applying the latest brain research to create healthier habits of achievement, self-esteem and self-acceptance. This is needed today, more than ever! Through her company, Head Heart Synergy, Lorraine mentors, coaches and has authored the book Perfectionism Unplugged. She joins our podcast to share some powerful insights, metaphors and transformational stories showing how to turn fear of failure, anxiety and self-doubt, into the fuel for success.


  • Lorraine Lapointe – retired Durham District School Board


  • Lawrence DeMaeyer – Professional Learning Consultant, Ontario Principals’ Council
  • Susie Lee-Fernandes – Director of Professional Learning and Engagement, Ontario Principals’ Council

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