EP 14 – Debunking the Myths Around Virtual Learning

EP 14 – Debunking the Myths Around Virtual Learning

As the school leaders of Peel Elementary Virtual School, Raquel Cariati-Cardoso and Sumeeta Merwar, have comprehensive understanding of virtual learning’s role in the educational landscape. Their insights are backed by practical experience that focus on ensuring that students’ diverse needs are met effectively in an innovative virtual space. Having been at the forefront of implementing virtual learning methods that cater to individual student, Raquel and Sumeeta have many success stories and examples that demonstrate how virtual learning has positively impacted the students that attend virtual school. There is flexibility to provide comprehensive support, specialized resources and an inclusive learning environment for all students. This is not the same virtual learning that happened during the pandemic.


  • Raquel Cariati-Cardoso, Peel District School Board
  • Sumeeta Merwar, Peel District School Board


  • Lawrence DeMaeyer – Professional Learning Consultant, Ontario Principals’ Council
  • Susie Lee-Fernandes – Director of Professional Learning and Engagement, Ontario Principals’ Council

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