EP 13 – Equity and Mental Health: Strategies for Navigating Challenges

EP 13 – Equity and Mental Health: Strategies for Navigating Challenges

For this episode of Leadership Talks, we welcome Anjali Bajaj, a secondary vice-principal with the Toronto District School Board.

Anjali shares how leading for equity impacts the mental health of school administrators, a topic which she presented in the spring of 2023 OPC Vice-principal Symposium. While acknowledging post-pandemic realities, there is a greater need to support student & staff mental health due to tensions faced by school leaders. The impact of trauma / stress on our health and practice, include compassion fatigue and racial battle fatigue. What then are the tangible practices that are available for aligning both self & community care. How do we to hold colleagues/staff accountable to equity practices, while also maintaining personal wellness? This is where strategies such as mentoring/coaching of equity conversations, the SMHO cultural humility tool and the importance of partnerships can be used to widen the circle of care around a school community.


  • Anjali Bajaj, Toronto District School Board


  • Lawrence DeMaeyer – Professional Learning Consultant, Ontario Principals’ Council
  • Susie Lee-Fernandes – Director of Professional Learning and Engagement, Ontario Principals’ Council

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