EP 09 – Neuroaffirmative Human Rights Informed Practice

EP 09 – Neuroaffirmative Human Rights Informed Practice

Our conversation with Karen Timm spotlights her passion and expertise in neurodiversity.

Neuroaffirmative practice is an essential skill for school leaders, though many may not yet feel equipped to lead in this area. As the growing body of authentically informed research shows, embracing neurodifferences through human rights informed practice is not just beneficial for neurodivergent students and staff, but it fosters anti-oppressive thinking and helps to create habits of mind which are anti-colonial, anti-racist and anti-ableist. When activated through an intersectional approach, our efforts to embrace communication differences, normalise stimming and foster acceptance of authentic ways of being, can have a lasting impact across all dimensions of equity. By challenging ourselves to reframe outdated notions of “normal”, we can become better equipped to lead change that benefits all. By unlearning with intentionality alongside our school communities, we can build safe, inclusive and accessible learning and working environments.

Neuroaffirmative practice is pivotal on this journey. As an Autistic school leader and founder of the Neurodivergent Infinity Network of Educators and the NeuroRealMe affinity network for school leaders, Karen is uniquely positioned to support critical reflection, unlearning and neuroaffirmative school improvement planning. Join as a co-learner on this journey to reframing normal!  

To continue this work in community with NINE or NeuroRealMe, or access resources aligned to neuroaffirmative practice, refer to the NINE website: https://sites.google.com/ddsb.ca/nine/home

Or find us on X: @NINE_On_Can   @KarenAnnTimm


  • Karen Timm – Durham District School Board


  • Lawrence DeMaeyer – Professional Learning Advisor, Ontario Principals’ Council
  • Susie Lee-Fernandes – Director of Professional Learning, Ontario Principals’ Council
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