EP 08 Friends. Lost. Survival. Switch Back by Danika Stone

By Tanya Polasek

Looking for your next great YA read? Manitoba educator Tanya Polasek has hand-picked a book straight off the shelf! Students, parents, and teachers can sit back and relax while she reads the first chapter of a Canadian Young Adult book each Friday. Call in with your questions during the LIVE radio show or search episodes for a specific title. Your next read starts with First Chapter Fridays.

Adventure and misadventure in Waterton Lakes National Park.

Vale and Ash get lost on an overnight hiking trip in the Rocky Mountains when they fall behind and take the wrong trail. Their PE class and their teachers don’t realize they’re missing until it’s almost dark.
All they have is what they packed on their backs and it’s starting to snow…
Should they build a fire? –no matches…now what? And was that the sound of a bear?
Will their friendship survive this? Will they survive this?!

Published in 2019 by Swoon Reads an imprint of Feiwel and Friends and Macmillan Publishing Group

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