EP 07- Looking at Social Media Through a Different Lens: An Interview With Jennifer Casa-Todd

By Amanda Brace

Join us as we talk all things EdTech and Digital Media in the elementary classroom.

How do we move from teaching digital citizenship as a lesson to a lifestyle? How can we “take a look at social media with a different lens?”

In this episode, Jennifer Casa-Todd talks all about using social media and online spaces for positivity,  leadership, and empowerment. We discuss practical ways to include “digital leadership” in your learning spaces and what it looks like now in a time of remote teaching. She also talks about a recent campaign she started called #CelebratingAwesome, where people can nominate others who are shining light in the darkness. This episode will not only teach you more about the potential of social media in learning, but it will also leave you motivated and inspired to celebrate awesome in your own life.
Connect with Jen:
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