EP 07 – INTO GEORGIE’S FUTURE: Some Ahas from the full podcast series; and Predictions for the near-future of today’s children

By Nick Burnett

What does it take to raise and educate amazing kids? How can we best prepare them for the astonishing future that is coming up? The research and everyday options can sometimes seem overwhelming, and so, in this series of podcasts, Nick Burnett and Tony Ryan will offer some practical insights for educators and parents alike. With a focus on 12-year-old Georgie, who will be 32 years old in 2039 AD, they will outline a number of key elements on what is needed to help her live a fulfilling life.

In this culminating session on ‘Georgie’s Future’, Nick and Tony offer their wrapup thoughts about her future, and the future for all children.

Direct reference is made to:
A series of Ahas that each presenter has gained throughout the full series
Several major predictions for our children’s adult lives
The critical need for young people to reframe their mindsets about the world up ahead
A need for a focus on future priming, not future proofing
The concepts of co-learning (think: Tesla cars all sharing knowledge constantly)
The rise of ‘homo digitalis’