EP 06 – Teaching Learning Walks: Co-creating Learning

EP 06 – Teaching Learning Walks: Co-creating Learning

In this conversation, we chat with Bev Freedman about how COVID disrupted the ways we, as leaders, move around schools and classrooms. As we move forward, she reminds us of the importance of intentional observations of teaching/learning which occurs in classrooms.

Teaching Learning Walks (TLW) provides a framework to capture not only individual classrooms, but rather observations across classrooms creating a tapestry of learning. There isn’t an emphasis on a single data point, instead TLW uses the data across multiple visits to classrooms, across all grades and subjects, as assessment for learning. When combined with other information, observational data can be used to develop trends and patterns to inform system/school planning. Providing collegial feedback using observational data becomes a form of pedagogical documentation providing the basis for collaborative inquiry, which can increase collective efficacy.

Visibility in classrooms also increases principal credibility, because feedback is job-embedded, based on on-going, observed teacher practice. TLWs move the practice from automatic to intentional using an observational frame to focus our observational lens. Effective leaders are visible and collaborative. TLWs are evidence-based. Walking and talking – purposeful visibility is good for your health and your mind.

Let us walk and learn together! If you are interested in a copy of the monograph that is referenced in this episode, visit here.


  • Dr. Beverly Freedman, Educational Services Consultant


  • Lawrence DeMaeyer – Professional Learning Advisor, Ontario Principals’ Council
  • Susie Lee-Fernandes – Director of Professional Learning, Ontario Principals’ Council
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