EP 06  Multiplication and Division of Fractions

EP 06 Multiplication and Division of Fractions

By Cathy Fosnot

It's time for another season of The Math Pod with Cathy Fosnot. In this series, Cathy and her team explore "Developing Automaticity of the Basic Facts and Computational Fluency using Strings of Related Problems". Join us for a six-week journey through the exploration of Mini-lessons, intentionally-crafted strings, and the fascinating world of Cathy's mathematics landscapes for elementary and middle school students.

As the saying goes, “ours is not to wonder why, just invert and multiply!” When multiplying or dividing fractions, how often do we put sense-making on hold and move directly to the algorithms? Tonight on the season finale of The Math Pod, Cathy Fosnot is joined by Heather Theijsmeijer and Jennifer Burrows to explore a set of number strings based on the multiplication and division of fractions.

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