EP 04 – Frank Diana – The Increasing Speed of Change

By Nick Burnett

What does it take to raise and educate amazing kids? How can we best prepare them for the astonishing future that is coming up? The research and everyday options can sometimes seem overwhelming, and so, in this series of podcasts, Nick Burnett and Tony Ryan will offer some practical insights for educators and parents alike. With a focus on 12-year-old Georgie, who will be 32 years old in 2039 AD, they will outline a number of key elements on what is needed to help her live a fulfilling life.

In Episode 4 Nick talks with Frank Diana about:

• The challenge to education leaders with the increasing speed of change
• The notion of ‘rehearsing the future’
• Given that we are all learners, or need to be, how we might succeed
• The changing paradigm of being ‘social’
• The importance of unlearning unhelpful mindsets
• Hopes as opposed to beliefs in relation to the necessary shifts in education
• Looking back to look forward


Frank Diana
Managing Partner, Futurist
Tata Consultancy Services

Mr. Diana has served in various executive roles throughout his career, bringing over 35 years of leadership experience. He is currently focused at TCS on analyzing the implications of a scientific and technological convergence that alters the societal, geopolitical, economic, environmental, and business landscape. Prior to joining TCS, Mr. Diana was Executive Vice President of enherent Corp., where he led a business analytics growth initiative focused on leveraging advanced forms of analytics to deliver business outcomes. For Aelera Corporation where he served as Chief Product Officer, he managed the development of a market facing social computing and advanced analytics platform.

Mr. Diana served as CEO of Traxian, Inc., a Silicon Valley software start-up focused on the B2B enablement of small and mid-sized businesses, and as Chief Technology Officer of Fujitsu Consulting, he developed the company’s extended enterprise vision, serving as the face to the market and analyst community. He began his career at AT&T, holding various senior roles including CIO for the company’s international financial operation. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Rider College.